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<strong>Marianne Murray Guess</strong>

Marianne Murray Guess

ENGLEWOOD — Remember the old Tin Pan Alley song, “In the Good Old Summer Time…Strolling Through the Shady Lanes…Those Days Full of Pleasure We Fondly Treasure?”

Well, it’s that time of year when many of us are thinking of traveling before the summertime ends. The travel pundits are churning out their annual predictions for travel trends but no one knows what will happen. With gas prices bouncing around, my guess (no pun intended) is people might want to travel close to home. With that in mind, I’ve found some interesting books that will give you trips to do just that.

Particular Places — A Travelers Guide to Ohio’s Best Road Trips: In this handy guide written by Jane Ware and published by Orange Frazer Press, it shows there is much more to the Buckeye State than cornfields and cows. “For the traveler, traveling has become more rewarding than ever, says Ware. “In Particular Places we looked for distinctive and locally particular places to stay, eat and see, along with good characters to hear about and sometimes meet.” In Ware’s book you don’t just sight-see, you sight-do. She gives readers a list of maps, phone numbers and driving directions to each place and throws in a mix of trivia facts and insight on each destination. If you want honest opinions about where to weekend in Ohio, have an urge for a one-tank trip that’s economical but classy, sick of all the typical tourist spots, you might want to check out her book that makes planning getaways enjoyable, easy, entertaining and memorable.

Under the Radar Michigan — The First 50: I know, I know, Buckeye fans, but get over it. Michigan has a lot to offer. This book by author, Tom Daldin, evolved from the PBS television series by the same name. It features cool people, places and things that make Michigan an awesome vacation state. Daldin says, “chapter-by-chapter we take you along our first 50 episodes and discover cool Michigan cities, interesting people, incredible restaurants, romantic spaces and great places to vacation with the whole family.” He ends by saying, “Grab this book, grab your car keys and make Michigan your next great adventure.” I’m ready, are you?

Wonderdads: This is a series of compact, inexpensive books you will want to keep even though it states “The Best Dad & Child Activities.” Trust me, these books are for Moms, Dads and the entire family. Founder, Jonathan Aspatore, writes in each book’s forward, “Like so many Dads, I love being with my kids, but struggle to find the right work/home balance. We are part of a generation where Dads play much more of an active role with their kids, yet professional and financial strains are greater than ever. We hope the ideas in these books make it easier to be inspired to do something that makes you a hero in the eyes of your children.” Two of the books you might want to check out are “Wonderdads” Columbus and Indianapolis, just a short drive from our area. Each book features 400 entries broken out by best Dad/Child activities, parks, restaurants, stores, sporting events, unique adventures, plus the best deals and discounts. These books are a “win-win” for quality time with your family.

I’m planning on taking a trip to faraway places this month, and I hope you can discover places you’ve never been before the summer winds down. I’ll have more about my trip and other travel adventures in my September column. As The Good Old Summertime song continues — “Those days full of pleasure we now fondly treasure.” Happy traveling and happy reading, everyone!.

Marianne Murray Guess Murray Guess

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