Issue 3 bad for Ohio

<strong>Michael E. Henne</strong>

Michael E. Henne

Issue 3 is not about the war on drugs. Issue 3 is not about legalizing marijuana or even about allowing people to use marijuana for medical reasons. Issue 3 is about a group of investors using your Ohio Constitution to execute a very lucrative business plan.

Here are three things to consider before casting your vote:

1. Issue 3 is a constitutional amendment and can only be changed with a constitutional amendment. As problems develop, the legislature will be powerless to adjust the law as needed.

2. Take a look around your community. How many McDonalds and Starbucks do you see? Issue 3 authorizes over 1,100 retail locations, more than all the McDonalds and Starbucks combined.

3. Issue 3 does not stop at marijuana cigarettes. We will see marijuana suckers, brownies and gummy bears. Combine that with the super hero mascot and it looks as if this group is already targeting their next generation of customers.

Whether you believe marijuana is no worse than drinking or you believe people should be permitted to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, Issue 3 is a bad deal for Ohio. If these were the issues, the group who initiated Issue 3 would have proposed them but instead they designated where the grow sites will be, who will profit and how they will be taxed.

Issue 3 is not about return of individual rights, but about return on investment.

Michael E. Henne E. Henne

Michael E. Henne

State Representative,

40th House District

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