Counting my blessings


Seventy-seven… . .

Seventy-eight… .

Seventy nine … .

Oh, hi, I didn’t notice you there.

Don’t mind me.

I’m just counting all of the good things that happened to me last year.

We all have good years, and bad years.

That’s pretty much what life is all about just in case you haven’t noticed.

Oh, sure, there are also lousy years and mediocre years but I tend to ignore them because I am a guy who takes pride in being a positive person.

Yup. Last year was a dandy year for me.

It gave me loads of things to be thankful for.

My car didn’t break down even once.

My children and grandchildren visited me quite often.

I didn’t lose one shoe or get a parking ticket or get bitten by a neighbor’s dog.

I had just one cold.

I caught at least a few fish whenever I went fishing and my car didn’t conk out even once while I was driving on the interstate during rush-hour traffic.

So now I’m still busy counting my blessings.


Eighty-one… .

Eighty-two… .


To celebrate the occasion let me offer this delightful little ode that was written by somebody a long, long time ago. I hope you like it.

Thirty days has September, April, June, and no wonder, all the rest eat peanut brittle except Grandma and she drives a Buick.”

Bob Batz

Senior Moments

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