Uncertainty and doubt

I’ve found myself in a quandary.

A quandary, according to my dog-eared dictionary, is defined as “a condition of uncertainty or doubt.”

Here’s what prompted my uncertainty and raised my doubts.

The other day I ordered a sandwich and some French fries for lunch at a restaurant and when the waitress delivered my meal to the table I was at, she also brought me a bottle labeled “catsup” which is a sweet puree of tomatoes, onions, and green peppers flavored with vinegar and pickling spices.

OK, fine, I can live with that.

Then, three weeks later, I had lunch at different restaurant and once again I ordered French fries and once again I asked for what I assumed was catsup but this time when the bottle arrived at my table it was labeled “ketchup.”

Now wait just a minute!

The neatest thing about names is there are a whole bunch of them out there so it shouldn’t be hard to find two that are suitable and aren’t almost identical.

Besides, imagine what would happen if a mother gave birth to quadruplets and she gave all of them the same first name.

I can just hear that mom calling her children into the house because it’s time for dinner.

“Billy, you have to come in now because your dinner is ready,” Mom would shout to the kids who were outside playing in the yard. Then she would have to add “You, too, Billy and Billy and Billy.”

As for me, I have found a way to sidestep even using the names ketchup and catsup.

So now I just order my meal and then I add “And bring me a bottle of that red stuff, too.”

“Grandma, can I do that?” asks your grandson.

“Be my guest,” the grandmother replies with a smile.

Grandpas and grandmas are custom-made for kids.

They follow all the rules the parents follow but when it comes to coming up with things to do that are both safe and fun, grandparents win hands down every time.


Bob Batz

Senior Moments

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