Questions galore everywhere we go

Bob Batz

Bob Batz

If we had just one dollar bill for all of the silly questions we are called upon to answer every day we’d all be millionaires several times over.

Here are some examples…

*Do you have any idea how fast you were going, sir?

* Read any good books lately?

* Did I hear you right?

* What have you been up to?

* Regular or High-test?

* Where have you been keeping yourself?.

* Haven’t we met somewhere before?

* Why do you look familiar?

* Will that be all for you today?

* Bottle or draft?

* Did you get a new car?

* Paper or plastic?

* Got a minute?

* Cash or charge?

* I beg your pardon?

* Date of birth?

* Do you spell your last name with one or two t’s.

* Catching anything?

I have a friend who swears he got even with all of the people who bombard him with questions.

He was at a fancy restaurant one evening and the waiter asked him “How would you like your steaks cooked?”

My friend was silent for a moment or two and then he replied “Yeah, sure, go ahead and cook it.”

Bob Batz Batz

Bob Batz

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