Officer Gau has also done good things

By Ron Nunnari

Independent Editor

We’ve all heard nothing but negative news about Clayton Officer Mark Gau following his crash on June 13. While it is a tragedy that the motorcyclist died on June 30 as a result of the crash, why has the media only focused on the negative?

There has been no mention of the good things Officer Gau has done for the community. From personal experience, I know that he genuinely cares about the Clayton community and takes pride in his role as a police officer.

Gau recently received a Certificate of Merit for his role in helping to apprehend a suspect that robbed Feller’s Farm.

He served as a School Resource Officer at Northmont High School and has been on duty at Northmoor Elementary to make sure motorists observe the 20 mile per hour school zone speed limit and to greet the students while assisting the Safety Patrol to help get students safely across Old Salem Road.

According to Police Chief Matt Hamlin, Officer Gau works well with the kids as well as with the public in general. Hamlin noted that he hasn’t really received any formal complaints about Officer Gau, who he noted is always in and around the schools.

Gau’s interest is truly in doing things that are in the best interest of the kids and he is interested in programs that will help kids, and he also works very well with the public.

I suppose we haven’t heard about these things because in today’s environment it has become fashionable to participate in bashing police officers in general.

Did Gau make a mistake? Yes, and he will be subject to the same scrutiny as a result of his traffic accident as John Q. Public would be and will face the same charges as anyone else would.

However, focusing on only his flaws when reporting the accident while not mentioning any of the good things he has done is, in my opinion, Yellow Journalism – A type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

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