F.I.S.H. seeks donated items for fall/winter

Northmont Friends in Service for Humanity is starting to compile the list for the Harvest and Christmas giveaway.

The winter months will be here soon. The summer heat is gone and it is time to think about the coats, gloves and blankets.

There are parents who will not be ready for the high utilities and the basic needs of a family.

The money will not be there even though they are working a 40 hour per week job. We have some households who now have as many as eight people in the household. Life is difficult for the children when they have to give up their bed for another family member. We receive calls daily from families who are in need of help for rent and utilities.

We provide the residents food, clothing and sometimes a hug. They will never know the sorrow we feel for them. There are places that will help but the funds are usually exhausted.

There are many residents who have a job to go to but the transportation is an issue. They have a car but can’t pay for gas and insurance or they can ride the bus but have no bus fare. The elderly suffer too. It is hard for them to get to the doctor and the bus is not available for them.. We have a lot of opportunity to help the families in our community.

The clothes closet is open for Northmont residents on Thursday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. We have started to put out the fall and winter clothing. The need for coats, gloves and hats will be here before we know it.

Remember us in your next sponsorship program.


Candy Gauldin, director

Northmont F.I.S.H.

Reach Northmont FISH at (937) 836-4807. The Northmont FISH food pantry is located at 265 Smith Dr., Englewood.