The ‘popular vote’ does not exist

To the Editor:

Once again on June 3 I heard the ridiculous and cockamamie claim that Secretary Clinton got more popular votes than Trump. Even though that remark was made by a Democrat U.S. Representative, it revealed an utter ignorance of U.S. government. The problem with that ignorant remark is there is no such thing as a popular vote for president. In 1952 I graduated at the very bottom of my high school class. So I am not claiming any superior smarts. Even so I had Civics in my senior year in which we were taught government.

Our founding fathers set up our federal government to be a federation of states. States are not parts of a government. The federal government is the states working together as a team. The Tenth Amendment explains; the states reserved their sovereignty and they delegate authority to the central government on things that an individual state could not manage.

The states elect their own representatives, their own senators, and their own electors to elect the president. In 2016 no one voted for Donald Trump or Secretary Clinton for president. We voted for our state’s electors designated by the candidate’s name. The Federal Government does not mandate the electors from each state to be by vote of the people in that state. Consequently each state has their own rules, and they differ, as to how the vote of the people translates to electors. On your ballot the name for president merely signifies the electors for that person. So you are voting for electors not for president. The electors are of the same party of that person named. So it is impossible to add the vote in each state for their electors to come up with any meaningful sum of how many citizens voted for whom for president.

I urge you to use your computer or borrow one and go to Please ignore anyone who claims that Secretary Clinton won the non-existing popular vote. They have proved themselves to be without common sense or understanding of our form of Government.

Yours in support of Ohio and the U.S. Federation

Charles J. Arnett