OHSAA fall sports practices to begin Monday

COLUMBUS – Summer conditioning programs and 10 days of coaching come to an end this weekend as the first official day of practice for all OHSAA fall sports arrives Monday, August 1. Schools are reminded of several precautionary measures to be taken, including practice guidelines specific to football.

Please see the specific sport pages at www.OHSAA.org for preseason manuals, news releases, regulations, bulletins, rules changes, tournament information and state tournament coverage.

Sport – Date that regular-season contests may begin:

• Cross Country – Aug. 22

• Field Hockey – Aug. 20

• Football – Aug. 22

• Golf – Aug. 5

• Soccer – Aug. 19

• Tennis (Girls) – Aug. 12

• Volleyball – Aug. 20

Emergency Action Plans: The Most Important Page in the Playbook

In August of 2015 the OHSAA sent each member school with a copy of the outstanding Emergency Action Plan, “Anyone Can Save a Life,” a first-of-its kind program for after school practices and events. This program, which was developed by the Minnesota State High School League, has been made available to all schools in the United States through a generous grant from the Medtronic Foundation with distribution funded by the National Federation of State Associations (NFHS) Foundation. The Anyone Can Save A Life training DVD and website – www.anyonecansavealife.org – along with the guide’s implementation instructions, handouts and forms have been prepared to help train coaches, advisors, students and event staff. In addition, there is an array of resources that cover all aspects of preparing and managing an effective emergency response program.

Football Notes and Practice Guidelines

Of the OHSAA’s 822 member high schools, 716 sponsor football teams. A total of 224 will qualify for the playoffs – 32 in each of seven divisions. The regular-season ends October 29, with final computer ratings posted October 30. Acclimatization Period: A five‐day acclimatization period is mandatory prior to any contact drills. Only helmets are permitted on the first and second days of practice. Shoulder pads may be added on days three and four. Full pads may be worn on the fifth day. Full contact is permitted on the sixth day. August 7 and 14 are mandatory days off.

Contact Regulations: The following regulations apply to individual student‐athletes. Position groups, etc., can alternate contact to adhere to the regulations listed below. Also, contact with soft equipment such as bags, shields, sleds, etc., does not count toward contact limitations.

Full Contact Limited During Two‐A‐Day Practices: When more than one practice takes place in a day, full contact is permitted only during one of the practices. With the importance of recovery time to help minimize concussion risks, consideration should also be given to the timing of full contact during the next day (i.e. if full contact occurs during session 2 of two‐a‐days, there should not be full contact in session 1 of two‐a‐days the following day).

Practice During the Season (after the first regular‐season game):

1. Consider limiting full‐contact on consecutive days.

2. A student‐athlete is limited to 30 minutes of full contact in practice per day.

3. A student‐athlete is limited to 60 minutes of full contact in practice per week.

4. A student‐athlete can be involved in full contact in a maximum of two practices in a seven‐day span.

Schools reminded to take precautions in extreme heat

Staff Report

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