Northmont levy approved by voters

CLAYTON, ENGLEWOOD, PHILLIPSBURG, UNION – Northmont area voters overwhelmingly approved Northmont City Schools 5.9 mills renewal levy, which now becomes permanent and will never be voted upon again.

Voters approved the levy 2,696 (68.97 percent) while 1,213 (31.03 percent) voted against the levy.

At the same time Montgomery County voters defeated a bond issue of 0.34 mills for the Miami Valley Career Technology Center to make infrastructure improvements and expand its facilities to accommodate more students. A total of 8,450 people (53.64 percent) voted against the issue while 7,304 (46.36 percent) voted for the bond issue.

Residents of the Village of Phillipsburg defeated an proposed income tax increase by 14 votes. Only a total of 74 people voted – 44 against and 30 for the income tax increase.
Bond issue for Miami Valley Career Technology Center fails

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