Tornado tax relief deadline is Aug. 24

Staff Report

DAYTON — The deadline to file a property value appeal with the Montgomery County Board of Revision is Monday, August 24. This deadline represents the last opportunity for owners of tornado damaged property to apply for tax relief.

On July 6, Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith sent a letter to the owners of 1,372 tornado impacted properties, encouraging them to file a property value appeal with the Board of Revision. More than 100 property owners have already taken advantage of this tax relief opportunity, according to Keith.

The letters were sent to property owners identified by the Auditor’s Office as having experienced tornado damage, but who did not apply for the damaged property tax relief program last year.

Property owners must complete two forms and return them to the Board of Revision by August 24 to be eligible for a partial refund in the property taxes they pay this year:

1. A settlement agreement form

2. A Board of Revision complaint form

The settlement agreement, which was sent to eligible property owners, shows the property’s current value and its proposed lower value. The proposed lower value accounts for damage incurred during last year’s tornadoes. Completing this agreement, along with an appeal form, allows the auditor’s office to lower the property’s value without a hearing.

“As I said many times last year, no property owner should be stuck paying a full tax bill on a property that has been damaged or destroyed,” said Keith. “We want to get these property owners the refund they deserve.”

Keith extended the Board of Revision appeal deadline from March 31 to August 24 in accordance with the Ohio General Assembly’s COVID-19 emergency relief bill, signed by the governor in March.

Property owners who were unaffected by the 2019 tornadoes can still file an appeal if they disagree with their 2019 property value. If they do, they will be scheduled for an appeal hearing later this year.

Property owners received notice of their new tentative 2020 property values in the mail at the beginning of August, as part of the 2020 Property Reappraisal. Property owners who wish to appeal this new value do not need to take part in this year’s Board of Revision process, according to Keith. Instead, they should call Keith’s Property Owners Hotline at 937-225-5096 to schedule an informal review meeting.

In June of last year, Auditor Keith began raising awareness of the Damaged Property Deduction program, which offered property tax relief to tornado victims. More than 1,200 owners of properties with tornado damage received the deduction, which reduced the taxable value of the properties based on the severity of damage. The auditor’s office promoted the program in the news, on social media, at events, and through the mail. The Damaged Property Deduction program provided relief on the tax bills property owners are paying this year.