Perry K9 and other programs discussed

By Marilyn McConahay Contributing writer

PERRY TOWNSHIP — Perry Township Police Chief Tim Littleton, in his report to Perry Township Trustees at their Dec. 13 regular meeting, gave them an update to the department’s K9 program.

“The program is off to a good start, with donations for the K9 Program. The training certification for the K9 certification begins Jan. 6,” Littleton said.

During an earlier meeting, trustees approved a motion to continue the K9 program.

“The township is making an investment in continuing our K9 program, with Officer Anthony Wynn as the handler. We are working out the agreement between the township and Officer Wynn, but we have made a plan to acquire the K9 and have training during the next month or so,” said Jason Hartshorn, president of the trustees.

Littleton continued by thanking everyone who came out to help with the with the Shop-With-a-Cop program, noting that Fiscal Officer Charity Grill and Trustee Mears were among them.

Shop-with-a-Cop is a police department program that makes it possible for kids to go to a store and shop for things with a Perry Township police officer.

Littleton also expressed his appreciation to anyone who contributed money to provide Thanksgiving dinners in November to some families who were having a hard time.

“We took care of that for them. They were very appreciative,” Littleton said.

He explained that around $4,600 was collected to help out “a great cause” helping these families.

”We’ll also be giving Christmas dinners as a gift. Families will not need to go out and purchase any additional items unless there are any specific things they want,” Littleton said.

Grill reported to trustees that she wanted to thank Perry Township voters for passing the recent fire levy.

“The levy passed narrowly by four votes, with the final tally being 1,200 to 1,196,” Grill said during her report.

She also said she had been working on the 2023 budget and the 2023 temporary appropriations.

Cemetery/Roads Superintendent Calvin Hoops reminded trustees and the public that the next Cemetery Cleanup is scheduled for March 1, 2023. That is one of two dates each year when people who have placed allowed items at gravesites must remove them from all cemeteries in the township.

Near the end of the meeting, Chief Littleton requested a motion to hire current Zoning Officer Karen Kayler as a full-time administrator/police department custodian at $18 per hour.

Music wanted to know what her role would be and noted it would be necessary for trustees to hire a new zoning officer to replace her.

Therefore, logistics in making the transition as zoning officer to the new position would present a temporary roadblock.

Grill said Kayler can’t serve in both positions at the same time.

“She would have to give notice and she has to complete her role in that position and we have to find somebody else, so that we don’t have a period of time where we don’t have anybody doing the zoning job,” Grill said.

Music said he supports her decision, but that time is needed to make it happen.

Hartshorn said her request can be discussed at the trustees’ reorganizational meeting on Dec. 29.

That meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 29 at the Perry Township administration building at 3024 Johnsville Brookville Road, Brookville.

By Marilyn McConahay Contributing writer