Englewood toincrease water& sewer rates

By Kay Dawson Contributing writer

ENGLEWOOD — On Dec. 14, the Englewood City Council voted to raise water and sewer rates in bills generated after Feb. 1, 2023.

Residents’ bimonthly bills will increase to $28.28 for up to 5,000 gallons, with a charge of $5.67 per 1,000 gallons’ usage over that. Sewer rates for residents will be $24.23 up to 5,000 gallons with a charge of $4.85 per 1,000 gallons more.

People living outside the city but using city water and sewer will pay $42.43 for water and $36.41 for sewer with charges for more than 5,000 gallons of $8.57 and $7.25. (Those using sewer but not water will pay a flat rate of $72.82.)

City Manager Eric Smith said Englewood’s rates are among the lowest 5 percent of 64 area jurisdictions, and the city tries to make regular small increases rather than wait until increasing costs require a sudden large increase.

The council also authorized replacement of the water main along Wenger Road from South Main Street to Taywood Road, at a cost of almost $1 million. This line has had several breaks and is so corroded spot repairs would do no good. To minimize traffic disruptions, the PVC pipe will be installed under the sidewalk south of the road, as much of the work as possible at intersections will be done at night.

A loan of 0 percent interest and a grant will provide $851,000 to refurbish the south water tower.

The council passed Ordinance 22-22, forbidding any individual or group of individuals from occupying a hotel room for more than 30 consecutive days or for 30 days out of any 45 consecutive days.

Asked what would happen if someone needed such residency, as when people are displaced by fires or tornadoes, Smith said the police would have discretion in enforcing the law just as they had discretion in writing traffic tickets.

The council also authorized the purchase of two SUVs for the police department, replacing two that will be sold online.

Scott Selhorst, scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 55, addressed the council, saying Concord United Methodist Church will end its corporate sponsorship of the troop on March 1, 2023, and the troop was seeking a new sponsor. He said such sponsorship mostly involves appointing unit leaders and working to secure safe facilities. Mayor Tom Franz suggested he put the proposal in writing and submit if for review.

Smith said the city would receive the keys to the vacant library on Dec. 15. Since there is currently no prospect of a tenant, the room will be winterized.

He also congratulated Vice Mayor Brad Daugherty on his graduation from the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, and reminded people the offices will be closed on Dec. 26 and Jan. 2.

The next regular meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27, in the Government Center, 333 W. National Rd.

By Kay Dawson Contributing writer