Weather revealed problems in Phillipsburg

By Kay Dawson Contributing writer

PHILLIPSBURG — At the Phillipsburg council meeting on Dec. 27 (delayed from Dec. 20), Council Member Kayla Moore asked what could be done about residents who parked on State Route 49 during the Christmas weekend storm instead of clearing their drives.

Mayor Rebecca Ford said while offhand she was uncertain of the procedure, the village could have the cars towed. She promised to look up procedure and the towing company’s name and number. Street Commissioner Wendell Haleman said in the event of another such storm he would take action.

Council members complimented Harleman on his work clearing the streets after the storm, saying the Phillipsburg streets were much better by Saturday than the surrounding roads.

Harleman said he received an email from a person who said he had hit one of the “No Parking” signs, but the damage turned out to be just a slight bend in the bottom of the standard. Harleman said he had assured the man he would just pound the sign down a bit when the weather permitted and no further repairs would be needed.

The weather was a factor in other council business. Harleman reported the lift cylinder on the snowplow’s dump bed has pits in it and will need replacing sooner or later. A replacement would cost $2,500, but he said he had been buying hydraulic oil and could get by for a while. The oil is $5 for five gallons. He also said the clutch was giving out.

Ford reminded him to include the estimated replacement in his department’s 2023 budget. She said Village Clerk Michelle Phillips was going to be working on the budget the rest of the week.

He also reported the roof on the baseball building was leaking and as a result a four-foot sheet-metal panel was pulling loose from the rotting wood in the frame. The baseball organization has lime stored in there, and Harleman said he wasn’t sure what would happen to it. Ford said the baseball organization was to contact the village in January and she would mention the matter to them.

“They’ve got a new woman who took over,” she said.

In other matters, the council approved $6,200 for two sets of gear for the fire department and made a temporary appropriation for expenses occurring through the end of the fiscal year on Dec. 31, 2022.

Harleman asked for approval of $109 to repair the night light above the community center’s double doors, but Ford told him this expense would come out of all the village departments’ budgets and thus did not reach the amount that needed special approval.

She reminded officials and council members that the January meeting would be a lengthy one since the budget had to be presented, committee appointments made and other things had to be settled for the coming year.

That meeting will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m. in the village offices at 10868 Brookville Phillipsburg Rd.

By Kay Dawson Contributing writer