Northmont soccer coach resigns

<strong>John Boucuvalas</strong>

John Boucuvalas

CLAYTON — Northmont Soccer Coach John Boucuvalas resigned Friday citing that he wanted to spend more time with his two sons, Billy and Charley.

Northmont was 3-5-1 this season when Boucuvalas stepped down. Last year Northmont went 7-8-0 in regular season play and won two of three tournament games to finish 9-9-0.

According to sources connected to the Northmont soccer program, Jim Oberer was named interim head coach with Todd Winchester as head assistant coach.

There had been rumblings of late among Northmont soccer parents about Boucuvalas not attending team practices. As a result there was an effort under way to have Boucuvalas removed as head coach.

When contacted Boucuvalas said team commitments took more and more time away from his family and felt his coaching was being placed under a microscope.

“I was asked by the administration to consider taking the coaching job during the winter of 2013,” Boucuvalas said. “I reluctantly accepted the offer with the idea that I would still be able to maintain a reasonable balance in my life as a person and as a father. I have always had a strong loyalty and commitment to Northmont soccer, so I talked myself into giving it a try.

“Since that time, there has been an increasingly steady increase of time commitments, responsibilities, and scrutiny beyond what I felt was reasonable,” Boucuvalas stated. “During the season, I was lucky to see my two sons once a week. An impasse with the school administration came regarding my choice of delegating one night a week for my assistant coaches to run practices, and eventually we agreed that parting ways was best.”

He stated that leaving the team in mid-season was not something he would normally consider, but felt he was left with no choice.

“I would normally not consider stepping down during the middle of the season a sensible option; however, in this case I regrettably felt as though it was my only option,” Boucuvalas added. “I will look back fondly on the many good times and bonds I was lucky enough to form with some tremendous young men. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the soccer program, and I hope that the increase in enthusiasm and pride that I have seen develop over the past few years in the community continues to grow.”

Boucuvalas previously was head coach at Fairmont High School where he led the Firebirds to a Division I state semifinal appearance and two district titles while building a career record of 88-29-15. He played on Northmont’s 1988 state championship team and was co-captain and was a three year starter for the Thunderbolts. Boucuvalas went on to be a four year starter at the University of Dayton and continues to play soccer in the first division of Dayton Area Men’s Amateur Soccer League.

He currently teaches Language Arts and Communications at Northmont High School and lives in Clayton.

John Boucuvalas Boucuvalas
Boucuvalas steps down citing family reasons

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