Clayton enters street lighting contract

CLAYTON — Council passed a resolution to authorize the city manager to enter into a contract with Miami Valley Lighting for street lighting services for a period of 10-years from January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2025.

“Several city managers have worked hard on this contract since July with the Miami Valley Lighting District. The contract keeps the rates that we currently have now for five years and takes a one-time jump in 2021,” said City Manager Rick Rose.

He added that were some differences in cost for poles and light fixtures. As street lights burnout the city will have them switched over to LED fixtures.

“We do believe this is a very good contract and it is good for our citizens,” Rose added.

The street lights included in the contract are those located in the lighting districts in residential areas and does not include the decorative street lights installed along the Main Street corridor. The decorative lights and poles along Main Street are maintained by city workers and are not covered by the contract.

Council also passed a resolution requesting that the county auditor make advance payments into the city’s account.

“This is my annual request to be able to ask the county for advancements on real estate taxes,” said Finance Director Kevin Schweitzer. “We usually get two or three advancements per settlement before we get the final settlement. This allows us to get some money into our account to keep the cash flow moving.”

A resolution authorizing the city’s participation in the Business First Intergovernmental Program for 2016 through 2020 at cost not to exceed $1,500 annually was also approved.

“This is an economic development tool that communities both within and outside Montgomery County are members of,” said Rob Anderson, director of development. “It gives us a vehicle where we can assist our business community with pretty much anything they need. There are 150 resource partners that are part of the Business First program. If I had a meeting with a company and they had an issue I have somebody dedicated from a local utility, local government, state government and county government that I can go to in order to address that business’s concern in a timely fashion.”

Anderson said the program also has a protocol in place so that if Clayton was to recruit a company from another jurisdiction that is also a Business First member, Clayton would have to notify that community that a business in their jurisdiction was being recruited to give that jurisdiction an opportunity to do a “Business Save.”

By Ron Nunnari

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