City property to be rezoned

CLAYTON — City Council voted to rezone the property occupied by the Clayton Government Center, Firehouse No. 85 and its road service garage from an R-3 Suburban Residential to a PD-3 Planned Development District.

“We are requesting a rezoning of the current city property, a total of five lots here that incorporate our operations, from R-3 residential to PD-3 Planned Development District,” said Director of Development Rob Anderson. “The second phase of this process, once the zoning is in place, will be to come back to the planning commission and city council for the final approval of a development plan.”

The planning commission held a public hearing on June 1 attended by resident Joe Schmitt, who lives next door to the government center. According to Anderson, Schmitt didn’t have a problem with the rezoning but he did voice some concerns with the city’s plans.

“We will take his comments and concerns into consideration as we move forward with the development plan and we will make him part of that process,” Anderson stated.

The city needs to rezone the property in order to further development the site for future needs, including the construction of a salt storage barn. Currently there are no solid plans in place for where the storage barn would be located on the site of how it would look.

“It will be a utilitarian type of building, so what it looks like and where it is going to be is kind of important,” Anderson added.

The current zoning only permits single family residential housing to be constructed on site, but the government center was built prior to the city’s current zoning code was developed.

“We are a legal non-conforming use, but when we go to do anything different… add pavement or add a building, or doing other operations it would become cumbersome to get that approved,” Anderson noted. “Going through the Planned Development District process, if we approve a final development plan, we can then move forward with the plan as it is approved. But, if we make any modifications the public around us still gets the opportunity have some input.”

Once a final development plan is approved the city can build according to that plan, but if it is modified in any way it must come before council for review and further approval.