Union approves purchase

<strong>The official seal of the City of Union.</strong>

The official seal of the City of Union.

Photo by Ron Nunnari / Civitas Media

UNION — City council Monday evening authorized the purchase of a Vac-Con combination jet/vacuum sewer cleaner at a cost not to exceed $324,900 from Atlantic Machinery, Inc.

The new unit would replace an older Vac-Con unit purchased in 1998 for $165,000.

“This one of those pieces of equipment that we use all of the time,” said City Manager John Applegate. “As part of this recommendation, we also found a buyer for our existing unit which has been well taken care of.”

In a related matter council also passed a resolution to enter into a lease-purchase agreement with TCF Equipment Finance based in Minnetonka, MN to provide 10 annual lease payments of $36,932.

“This is one of the longest leases Joe (Moore, legal counsel) and I have ever seen, but it was the best rate we could find,” Applegate stated.

Council also approved the sale of the 1998 Vac-Con to the City of New Carlisle at a price of $90,000.

“We are getting $90,000 for it and we paid $165,000,” Applegate said. “This says a lot about how we take care of our equipment. We bought the original in 1998 as a demo. We used to have to lower a guy into our lift station with a rope and harness to clean out all the grease and stuff every three or four months. It’s not fun and that was one of the reasons we bought it at the time because it was the only equipment that could do the job.”

New Carlisle still uses the old style cable machine similar to one Union used to have.

“I can tell you, that is a dangerous piece of equipment to operate,” Applegate noted. “I can’t tell you how many times me and my dad laid underneath that thing in the middle of the night and you would get hung up. The cable would come off the reel and get all wound up inside and you have be in there with hacksaws hanging on to things. We got a few mashed fingers, I never lost any… but I tell you it wasn’t a fun thing to have to fool with. New Carlisle is excited to be buying this piece of equipment off of us. They have been over to look at it several times. They understand it is a used piece of equipment, but it is one of the best they have seen.”

In an annual housekeeping item, council approved a list of assessments for street lights and walkway lights within the city’s various subdivisions. There was no increase in the assessments from the previous year. The assessment rate was set at $3 per $1,000 of valuation.

Assessments are as follows:

Concord Farms North Walkway Lights: $40.76 per lot.

Concord Farms West Walkway Lights: $46.13 per lot.

Irongate Subdivision: $45.75 per lot.

Union Ridge Subdivision: $38.06 per lot.

Lindeman Commons Subdivision: $49.79 per lot.

Concord Meadows Subdivision: $41.76 per lot.

Stoney Crest Subdivision: $60.45 per lot.

Union Springs Subdivision: $50.80 per lot.

The official seal of the City of Union.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2016/08/web1_UnionSeal.jpgThe official seal of the City of Union. Photo by Ron Nunnari / Civitas Media

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