UPDATE:Clayton trash pick-up switch put on hold

CLAYTON — The day trash is collected in the City of Clayton will switch to Tuesday for all residents sometime in 2017.

Originally the switch was to take place October 18 of this year, but Clayton officials say Republic changed its plan and informed city officials the switch would not take place until sometime in 2017.

The entire city would be collected on Tuesday once the change takes place, according to City Manager Rick Rose. Both trash and recycling will be picked on Tuesday with recycling every other week.

“Everybody will go to a Tuesday pick-up,” Rose said. “Republic has assured us that they would send out individual mailers to let every one of their customers know. They have also assured that they would work with people the first week. If somebody messes up and forgets to put their trash out on Tuesday they would make sure their trash gets picked up. Republic is doing its best to notify all the customers about the change.”

Rose said the reason for the change was that Republic found it was more cost effective to collect trash on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

“In the past when they had a truck down, or a driver down, they had a difficult time filling that void, so they are trying to make changes community by community to different days,” Rose said. “That way, if a truck goes down for one community they would still have trucks in the area that could make the pick-up.”


By Ron Nunnari

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