Clayton Charter Amendments on Nov. 8 ballot

CLAYTON — The City of Clayton has Charter Amendments that will be decided by voters on the upcoming November 8 Ballot consisting of Issues 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

The Charter Review Commission recommended amendments that were split into two groups: (1) removal of obsolete/illegal language, and (2) changes facilitating more responsive and efficient operations.

Issue 4: Article IV Legislative Procedures

4.07 Zoning Measures:

(A) Ordinances establishing, amending, revising, changing or repealing zoning classifications, districts, uses or regulations may be initiated through any of the following:

(1) By a member of Council;

(2) In response to a recommendation from the Planning Commission

(3) In response to a recommendation by the Director of Development or designee with prior approval by the City Manager ; or

(4) In response to a recommendation from the Planning Commission in response to a request for a zoning change.

(B) If initiated by a member of Council, a copy of each ordinance establishing, amending, revising, changing or repealing zoning classifications, districts, uses or regulations shall first be referred to the Planning Commission. Within fifteen days after completion of any public hearing as may be required by ordinance, the Planning Commission shall return to the Clerk of Council the written recommendations of a majority of the members of the Commission. The Ordinance shall be given its second reading at the next regular meeting of Council, unless an earlier special meeting is called for that purpose.

Rationale: in order to shorten the time line of proposing needed changes to the zoning code, the Director of Development will be able to directly recommend changes to the Planning Commission. Said changes will then be proposed to Council as an ordinance, which expedites the process for developers.

Issue 5: Article XI Personnel Administration and Merit System

11.05 Personnel Board of Review – There is hereby created a On an as needed basis Council shall appoint a Personnel Board of Review consisting of three electors of the City not otherwise holding office, appointment or employment with the City and are appointed by a majority vote of the members of Council, who shall serve overlapping terms of three years each and who shall be appointed by a

majority vote of the members of Council. Of the three members of the Board first appointed,

one shall be appointed for a term of one year, one for a term of two years, and one for a term of three years. Members of the Personnel Board of Review shall be appointed during the first City Council meeting immediately following the date on which the employee filed appeal or no later than 21 days after the appeal was filed. The Personnel Board of Review shall be organized as provided in Division (A) of this Section and shall have the powers, duties and functions provided in Division (B) of this Section.

Rationale: The Personnel Board of Review has not convened since the adoption of the charter and no board appointments have been made since 2009. Adding a 10 day time limit to appoint a PBR ensures that the appeals process will still be carried out in a timely manner.

Issue 6: Article VIII Finance, Taxation and Debt

8.02 Contracting Powers and Procedures (C)(3)(h)Compensation of persons and fringe benefits, such as health and life insurance premiums.

Rationale: Group health insurance purchases are negotiated through a third party broker and not directly through the different insurance providers. The broker is responsible for soliciting proposals from multiple providers and submitting the quotes to the city. The formal bidding process utilized for standard purchases is cumbersome and not in the best interest of the city.

Issue 7: Article VI Administrative Departments and Directors

6.6 Other Departments and Divisions

(A) Additional Departments, and Divisions or other Sub-units of departments, shall include those created by ordinance. Council shall consult with the City Manager with respect to creating additional departments, divisions or sub-units. Each Department shall be headed by a Director appointed by Council after recommendation from the City Manager, except Council shall appoint the Law Director.

Rationale: Removing the stipulation that additional department directors be appointed by Council creates congruency with the rest of the Charter in that the City Manager has sole appointing authority for all positions except Law Director.

Issue 8: Local Option‐ 5‐R Questions 1 & 2; True North Energy LLC; 7360 Salem Ave., Clayton 45315.

By Ron Nunnari

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