Union changes zoning district

<strong>The seal of the City of Union.</strong>

The seal of the City of Union.

UNION — The City of Union held two public hearings Monday on a change of zoning for two parcels of land recently annexed from Butler Twp.

The first hearing involved a 73.38 acre parcel located on the north side of Old Springfield Road and west of Peters Pike. The second parcel involves 448.64 acres located south of Jackson Road and north of Route 40 (National Road) bordered by Frederick Pike to the west and Dog Leg Road to the east.

Only one resident in the affected area, Derrick Gentry, attended the meeting to obtain information about how the change in zoning would impact his residence.

“We were just wondering what was happening, and honestly we would like to stay informed of what is going on with the property behind us,” Gentry said, who lives in the 1400 block of Jackson Road. “Basically we just don’t want to be the last guy standing if there are buy outs and things like that, because obviously we don’t want to be staring at any huge buildings. That is why we are here, just to understand what is happening.”

City Manager John Applegate told Gentry that this was a process the city goes through when it annexes land. The annexations were accepted into the city in December 2016.

“This process is the rezoning of the 73.38 acres and the 448.64 acres to bring it into compliance with the City of Union zoning code,” Applegate said. “At this time there are no plans for the ground and nobody wants to buy any part of it. We will be, at some point, starting here very shortly looking at how we can service it with water and sewer.”

Applegate also stated the city would be looking to expand a road network to service the area. Where East Martindale hits Frederick, the city would like to see that road extended to connect to where the new Dog Leg Road ties into Union Airpark for future development. Applegate said that at some point the city would also be looking at extending a road from the extension of East Martindale due north across Jackson Road to connect into Old Springfield.

“That is the kind of planning we will be doing as this area continues to develop, whether it is us or the City of Dayton with what is going on with Spectrum Brands being built,” Applegate noted. “We all know this area is going to be developed, but how soon that is going to be… it could be five years or it could be 20 years.”

Gentry said that if Union did extend a road to the north between the Oaks and Thies property that it would be very close to his.

Applegate told Gentry that as the city gets closer to extending roads he would make a note to contact him to let him know the city’s exact plans.

City council passed Ordinance 1647 to rezone the 73.38 acres and Ordinance 1648 to rezone the 448.64 acres under emergency status.

The seal of the City of Union.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2017/01/web1_UnionSeal.jpgThe seal of the City of Union.

By Ron Nunnari

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