Man indicted for gun thefts/B&E



DAYTON — Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr. announced today that David R. Bowman, 20, of Butler Township, has been indicted for breaking into an Englewood store and stealing three firearms on January 21.

On Saturday, January 21 Englewood Police were dispatched on report of a break‐in at Angler’s Bait Shop on South Main Street in Englewood. The shop’s surveillance video revealed footage of Bowman throwing a rock through the glass front door and entering the store. The store owner reported that three handguns had been stolen.

Today, the Montgomery County Grand Jury has indicted the defendant on:

• One count Breaking and Entering

• Three counts Grand Theft of a Firearm

The Grand Theft counts include 1 year firearm specifications and are first‐degree felonies because the shop is a federally licensed firearms dealer.

“Stolen handguns end up being sold on the street to criminals and drug dealers and other persons who are legally barred from owning firearms,” Heck said. “They are then used to commit other crimes, which further endangers our community.”

Bowman will be arraigned on March 16, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.


By Ron Nunnari

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