Union extends trash contract

City enters agreement for tax collection

By Ron Nunnari

[email protected]


UNION — At its regularly scheduled meeting Monday night Union Council voted to extend the city’s trash collection contract with Rumpke Waste, Inc., for an additional year.

“We are at the end of our five year contract and we have an option here for three one-year extensions,” said City Manager John Applegate. “We’ve talked to Rumpke and they have agreed to keep the price the same as it is now for at least the first year, so it is staff’s recommendation that mayor and council approve the request for the one-year extension.”

Council unanimously approved the extension as presented.

City council also voted to enter into an agreement with Cleveland-based Central Collection Agency (CCA) to handle the city’s income tax collection. CCA has a branch office at 371 W. Second St., Suite 110, in Dayton. The move would enable Union to sever its ties with the City of Vandalia, which previously handled the income tax collection duties. Vandalia was charging Union a 5.9 percent fee for tax collection. The new agreement with CCA has been set at 2 percent for the first year of the contract.

“We have sent a letter to Vandalia notifying them that they will no longer have to collect our income tax as of September 30,” Applegate noted.

He then introduced Michelle Jordan, the tax manager of CCA’s Dayton branch office, to members of council.

“Michelle Jordan is here tonight to answer any questions you may have on the information that has been sent out,” Applegate said. “We are ready to sign the agreement for CCA to collect our taxes under the same ordinance that is currently in effect.”

Jordan said that CCA charges an average of 2 percent across the board for all of the communities it collects taxes for.

“Because of the way we do this calculation and with your new facility, I think that is going to tremendously keep the cost of collection low,” Jordan said. “We are really looking forward to working with the City of Union and it has been a real pleasure meeting with John Applegate and Denise Winemiller and discussing what your needs are.”

Jordan has lived in the area her entire life and knows the area very well.

“I am really pleased to see the P&G facility,” Jordan added. “It’s bringing a lot of jobs to the area and it is going to be really great for the community and I am really looking forward to being a part of making that happen.”

In other business, council passed an ordinance expressing the city’s intent to negotiate jointly with other cities in the region on one price schedule under which electric light services shall be furnished to Union residents for street lighting.

“If you remember, five years ago we entered into a joint agreement with Miami Valley Cable Council to represent us and 16 other communities in this process. We have basically saved $260,000 over five years just for the City of Union,” Applegate noted. “This ordinance authorizes Miami Valley Cable Council to represent us in negotiations with DP&L. This is identical to what we did five years ago.”

Council unanimously adopted the ordinance as presented.

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