Clayton receives CDBG funding

Jack Kuntz

Jack Kuntz

CLAYTON — City council passed the first reading of a resolution to install ADA ramps in two areas of the city, the Bayberry Trails subdivision and the Northmoor subdivision.

In 2016 the city applied for a Community Development Block Grant to cover the cost of the project and was awarded $60,000 from the Montgomery County Commissioners.

“Several months ago staff submitted two applications to the Montgomery County CDBG program for grants for two different projects,” said Jack Kuntz, director of development. “The first resolution is authorizing City Manager Rick Rose to enter into an agreement for the award for the first project, which is $60,000 for approximately 40 ADA ramps in the Northmoor plat and it should complete the Bayberry Trails plat as well and bring both those neighborhoods into compliance with the ADA requirements.”

The ramps would provide easier access transitioning from sidewalks to streets for all residents in the two subdivisions.

The city also received CDBG funding totaling $75,000 for a residential demolition project to eliminate properties that are negatively impacting neighborhood property values.

According to Kuntz, the city should be able to demolish five or six residential properties.

“We have already started the process on two properties, one located on Melody Road and one on Rinehart Road,” Kuntz said.

Another home on Main Street next to MainSource Bank is scheduled for demolition under the Montgomery County Land Bank demolition project. An environmental survey has been completed on that property and it will be put out for bid for demolition in the near future.

A home on National Road west of Northmont High School has also been demolished as a result of zoning code enforcement by Code Enforcement Officer Darryl Swafford. A second home in the same area is also slated for demolition.

“We believe with enforcement of the codes and with the two different grant programs we are in, one of the targets of our five-year plan was to address residential blight,” Kuntz added. “We are very excited. At the end of this calendar year we should have approximately 10 to 12 properties demolished that have been blights in the community.”

Councilman Ken Henning asked Kuntz to keep council updated on which properties would be demolished as well as the timeframe that the properties have been vacant.

Jack Kuntz Kuntz
Grants will also lead to property demolitions

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