New traffic patterns set for high and middle school

CLAYTON — Due to construction, removal of previous entrances, and a change in the parking lot in front of the new Northmont High School; a new pattern for school traffic will occur for both the high school and middle school.

Staff Parking and Bus Loading / Unloading

The north parking lot in front of the high school will be utilized for staff, busses, and visitor parking (during non-bus traffic times) only. No student drop off should occur for either building. The only entrance for this lot is off of Crestway Drive. The parking lot in front of the middle school will be for middle school staff only. The lane that curves by the northwest middle school entrance is an exit only lane and will be blocked by busses during loading and unloading times.

Middle School Student Drop Off

Parent drop off for middle school students has not changed. If dropping off at both buildings, please come north on Crestway Drive and drop off high school students first and middle school second. Parents will enter on Stadium Drive and proceed south following a slight curve to the right and drop off the students on the east side of the middle school building. The driver will then make two left turns and exit out of stadium drive back onto Route 40 where they entered. This is a right turn exit only during restricted hours. No one is allowed to drop off middle school students on the west side of the building.

High School Student Drop Off

The normal Crestway Drive drop off by Door 4 will no longer be used and is closed. The north Crestway Drive entrance (closest to Route 40) is for busses and staff only.

High school student drop off will take place behind the high school. Enter from the south – Crestway Drive entrance and exit. Veer right and loop around the far end of the lot, turn left onto the exit drive by the Math Modules. Release students at Doors 5 and 6. This will be a right turn exit only, during restricted Hours

Student Parking by Permit Only

No students are allowed to park in the front or rear Staff /Visitors/Parking Lots by the high school. The previous Senior Lot behind the high school is closed to students. Student parking will only occur down at the stadium. All students will be enter from Route 40, using the east Stadium Drive entrance to proceed south staying left of the middle school drop off lane and proceeding to the far back parking lots.

All students parking east of the high school will need to walk behind the middle school then between the construction fence and the middle school building to arrive at the front sidewalk used by students riding buses. Students will still enter/exit the high school through the court yard as in years past. These changes will be in effect for the 1st Semester until the new high school is opened.
Bus loading/unloading and student drop off pattern affected for 2015-16

Staff Report

Northmont City Schools Board of Education office is located at 4001 Old Salem Rd, Englewood, OH 45322. Phone (937) 832-5000.