Phase II water main project approved

John Applegate

John Applegate

UNION — West Martindale Road in Union has suffered several water main breaks over the years. The road is over 50 years old and the city began addressing the crumbling infrastructure by replacing water mains last year.

Phase II of the West Martindale Road water main replacement project was recently approved by city council. The second phase of the project runs from Jodean Lane up to McGraw Road to replace the existing water line at a cost of $393, 801. The city will fund the project through a mixture of a grant and loan. The grant totals $98,450 and an Issue II loan totals $295,251 with zero percent interest payable over 30 years.

“This is the format that needs to be approved that the state requires, which details how we will submit our bills and how we will get reimbursed for the money we spend on this project,” said City Manager John Applegate. “This is a housekeeping measure. We pass a similar resolution for every project we have ever done in the past 20 years.”

Applegate said the schedule for the project calls for it to begin next year, but stated he is pushing the engineers to get it done this year if they can. He said it all depends on how quickly they get the plans so the city can put the project out for bid.

“I would say it would probably be fall or early winter before it starts if we can get it started this year,” Applegate told council. “It is slated to be done in March 2018.”

The project is part of the city’s plan to update Martindale Road from State Route 48 (Main Street) all the way up to Shaw Road.

John Applegate Applegate

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