City approves levies for ballot

Joyce Deitering

Joyce Deitering

CLAYTON — Two ordinances to levy a tax in excess of the 10 mil limitation that will be placed on the November 7 ballot for a 3.5 mil renewal levy for a continuous period for the Clayton Fire/EMS and police departments was approved by city council Thursday.

“This allows us to put back on the ballot a renewal levy for the police and fire department. This is just a renewal of the current levies and there would be absolutely no increase in taxes, even with the property value updates, for our citizens if these levies go through,” said City Manager Rick Rose.

Both levies were passed under emergency status.

“Just for clarification, why we are doing this is because typically these ordinances would not go into effect for 30 days and they have to be down to the board of elections by August 9,” said Mayor Joyce Deitering. “Council usually is very hesitant to pass emergency ordinances because we want to give the full due process period. The citizens will be voting on this directly and we feel this is the best due process.”

In other business, an ordinance approving amendments to Clayton Codified Ordinance Sections 1124.24 (Community Social Services Facilities), 1187.09 (Community Social Services Facilities), and sections 1131.02, 1133.02, 1137.02, 1139.02, 1141.02, 1145.02 and 1172.09 of the Codified Ordinances.

“This is similar to what you have been talking about as far as cleaning up the zoning code, right?” Deitering asked Jack Kuntz, director of development.

“This is just cleaning up the zoning code as far as community social services facilities to bring us into compliance with federal fair housing legislation,” Kuntz stated. “It doesn’t change any zoning. The only thing that it does is that it makes care facilities permitted uses in all the residential districts whereas right now, community social service facilities are a conditional use, which has been deemed illegal under the federal fair housing legislation.”

The amended ordinance brings the city into compliance with the federal legislation.

A resolution was passed to reappoint Robin Spiller to the Parks Advisory Commission. A second resolution reappointed Earl Harlamert to the Parks Advisory Commission and a third reappointed Lisa Menker.

“We have three positions on the parks advisory commission that are up for reappointment if council so agrees,” said Lisa Brown, assistant to the city manager/HR administrator.

Deitering said that city council was eager to have Robin Spiller, who attended the meeting, to continue in that capacity. She also thanked Earl Harlamert, who also attended, for continuing to serve. Menker was not at the meeting, but Deitering noted that she is a good contributor to the commission.

A fourth resolution authorized the city manager to execute a cooperative agreement with the board of county commissioners to apply for an Ohio Public Works Commission grant for a joint water main replacement and street paving project on Seville Drive and Templehurst Place. The total estimated cost of the street paving is $87,310.

“This is a really bad section of water line,” said Public Service Director Randy Sanders. “We’ve had 12 breaks between the two roads on Seville between Taywood Road and Sydenham Drive and Templehurst has three or four breaks on it as well. Montgomery County has decided to go ahead and apply for grant money and they also gave us the opportunity to put the paving on the grant money.”

Councilman Ken Henning asked what the probability of the city obtaining the funding. Sanders stated that he felt it was a pretty good probability because the project received a high point score as far being deemed a necessary project to protect the public safety.

Joyce Deitering Deitering

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