Northmont receives high marks from state

Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas

ENGLEWOOD — At the regular meeting of the Northmont Board of Education on Monday, September 11, at Englewood Elementary, Superintendent Tony Thomas was proud to announce that Northmont City Schools received a grade A in every category for the second consecutive year on the Value Added portion of the State Report Card.

With the ever-changing standards at the State level, Northmont has continued to push forward and adapt best practices to continue to do “what’s best for kids.” Value Added is a measure that is linked to student growth. A grade of C in Value Added shows normal growth for the year and across the district, Northmont received no grade lower than a C in this area for all of it schools within the district.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how many other districts were able to do this two years in a row,” said

Thomas. “The hard work of our staff and students is evident in this data.”

Mr. Thomas also shared that Northmont Preschool has received a Step Up To Quality five-star rating by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. All publicly funded Ohio Department of Education preschools must be rated by 2020. Some of the standards include having highly educated teachers, providing ongoing training for staff, and implementing standards based curriculum.

In his report to the Board, Mr. Thomas shared information about the YMCA LiveStrong campaign that is taking place all across the District. Buildings are collecting donations to enhance the Y’s program that assistance cancer patients and survivors and those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. The District plans to raise enough funds to close the gap that was created when funding for the program was not received.

The Northmont Marching Band had the opportunity to play at the Ohio State University Skull Session on Saturday before the game in Columbus. Senior students also had the chance to go onto the field with the “Best Band in the Land” prior to the game.

Beat Butler Week is upon us and we will be competing with Butler in many ways that will serve the community off the field. The Goodwill Drive to Victory has begun and will continue through Friday for anyone who has donations to go to Goodwill. The trucks are set up in Arby’s parking lots in Englewood and Vandalia and the school who raises the heaviest load, wins a scholarship.

Also, as part of “Renewing the Rivalry,” the superintendent of the losing school will be signing up to volunteer at a local food pantry. Rumor has it that Mr. Thomas has already signed Mr. O’Leary up at Northmont FISH! Donations of money for shoes and socks are being collected at the Bolt Shop in the High School to be sent to Beaumont, Texas. To top off the week, a trophy helmet and jug will go to the winning school and a rivalry board will be placed in each high school.

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