Clayton man gets 10 years for vehicular homicide



MIAMI COUNTY — It was an emotional day in Miami County Common Pleas Court on Monday, as visiting Judge William Wolff Jr. sentenced Jordan Harville to 10 years in prison for the March 27 vehicular homicide.

On March 27, Harville, 25, fled from officers in a stolen truck from Fletcher and caused a fatal crash that killed Anthony Hufford, 28, during the pursuit that ended on North Dixie Drive, near Vandalia.

Judge Wolff followed the joint plea agreement of 10 years of prison for the first-degree vehicular homicide, as well as concurrent sentences for 18 months for the grand theft and 36 months for failure to comply with law enforcement.

He was ordered to pay $6,000 in restitution to the Hufford family and was given 176 days of jail credit.

Harville was represented by defense attorney Robert Long. Long apologized to the court on behalf of his client for his actions on March 27 “for the loss and pain he has caused.”

As Harville stood up and began to apologize for his actions, a member of the victim’s family shouted expletives at him and was removed from the courtroom. As the man was being led out he told Harville, “I’ll see you when you get out.”

“I’d just like to say I’m truly sorry,” said Harville, prior to the incident.

Miami County Prosecutor Anthony Kendell noted Harville’s youth and prior record as well as “discovery of some mistakes that were made by Montgomery County law enforcement” were considered by the state during the joint plea agreement and recommendation of a mandatory total of 10 years in prison. Harville could have faced up to 15 1/2 years in prison for the vehicular homicide charge alone.

“I feel it is just under the circumstances,” Kendell said. “In a case like this and given what the legislature gives us and whatever sentence … it pales in comparison in loss that is suffered.”

On behalf the Hufford’s family, Hufford’s mother Laura shared how it only took a few seconds for Harville’s actions to kill their son — the same amount of time it would have taken if he had only complied with law enforcement and pulled over during the pursuit, she said.

Hufford’s mother listed the many things their son would miss out on including family weddings, births and his completion of school.

“There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think of Tony,” she said. “He was a big hearted gentleman … he’s missing out on three-quarters of his life that could have been. It could have taken just seconds for Jordan Harville to pull over for the police officers instead of going on a hot pursuit. Tony would still be here if it weren’t for Jordan Harville’s terrible actions.”

She later said the family was not pleased with the decade prison term when her family “has received life.”

Harville is not eligible for early release and will serve five years of mandatory post-release control following his release from prison.

On March 27, Harville fled police in a stolen truck from Fletcher, led police officers on a pursuit on southbound Interstate 75, through Vandalia on North Dixie Drive. The pursuit ended after Harville struck a vehicle, killing Hufford, of Englewood, during the pursuit. Hufford was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following the sentence, Kendell explained how Harville was not properly read his Miranda rights by Montgomery County deputies following the pursuit, which led to the lesser sentencing recommendation.

Visiting Judge Wolff follows joint recommendation

By Melanie Yingst

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