Krug makes 200th blood donation

<strong>Centerville donor Terry Krug is a retired Northmont & Twin Valley South High School educator.</strong>

Centerville donor Terry Krug is a retired Northmont & Twin Valley South High School educator.

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DAYTON — Centerville donor Terry Krug is a retired educator and a Community Blood Center “Donor for Life.” He celebrated his milestone 200th lifetime blood donation Friday, Nov. 10 at the Dayton CBC Donor Center, but with a tinge of regret that he has not given more.

“My first 100 were whole blood donations,” said Terry. “If I had been an apheresis donor all that time, I might be up in there with 500 or 600.”

Terry’s first donation was in 1965 when his father was fighting cancer and needed blood. “I kept going as much as I could over the years,” he said. “As soon as I got my 100th I was asked about doing apheresis. I said I was happy to do that! It means I can donate more often.”

As a platelet and plasma donor, Terry tries to donate every two weeks. He reached his 200th milestone with his 17th donation of the year. “It feels great!” he said. “I’m ready to hit 300!”

Terry’s greatest sources of pride are helping patients with his blood donations, and recalling the students he helped during his career in education. He retired from Northmont High School, went back to work at Twin Valley South High School and retired for good in 2010.

Terry’s specialty as an educator was a work-study program called Career-Based Intervention. “It was for what they later would call ‘at risk’ kids,” he said. “I called them ‘survivors.’ Some of them could have been honor students, but they had trouble at home or other problems.”

He’s especially proud of a former student who started his own auto customizing business. The young man later asked Terry to help him recruit other students who loved working on cars. Terry laughed when he realized his former student is now approaching retirement age.

Terry and his wife Ann have two children and two grandchildren. They still enjoy summer visits to the family cottage in Michigan. He’s donated in Michigan over the years, but prefers the familiar surroundings of the Dayton Donor Center. It’s where he’ll return as he continues his “Donor for Life” journey to milestone 300.

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Centerville donor Terry Krug is a retired Northmont & Twin Valley South High School educator. donor Terry Krug is a retired Northmont & Twin Valley South High School educator. Contributed photo
Retired Northmont educator reaches milestone

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