Kincaid named Northmont baseball coach



CLAYTON — Longtime Northmont Assistant Coach Ross Kincaid has been named the new varsity head baseball coach.

Kincaid has held various baseball coaching positions at Northmont over the past 16 years. He started out as JV assistant when his father, Mark, was the JV head coach (2003-2004). He then became freshmen head coach (2005-2013), became a varsity assistant coach (2014-2016) and then became the JV head coach for the past two years.

“I wanted to coach at every level of the program and serve in every coaching role possible so that when Chuck (Harlow) retired I would be able to say that I understand what it takes to coach at each level,” Kincaid said.

Rather than specializing in a particular aspect of the game, Kincaid has done it all from coaching fielding, hitting, base running, the entire gamut of baseball coaching. Most of the existing coaching staff will remain in place, with the exception of Joe Mergler, who has taken a position as an elementary school principal with the Eaton School District.

“We might move some people around to different coaching positions, like maybe moving our freshmen coaches up and someone to fill my position,” he said.

As far as making changes to the program, Kincaid has no plans for that.

“To be honest with you, it would be a unique type of arrogance to say that I would be coming in and making a bunch of changes after taking over from someone who won over 700 games in his career and had the kind of success that Chuck has had,” Kincaid stated. “There will be a few subtle changes, but we are not going to make any massive changes. The team will still make its annual trip to Florida next spring and a lot of Chuck’s principles are the same things that I believe in as well. People will not see any major changes because Chuck left things in really good shape.”

Kincaid did note that certain things would change that suit his personality, but nothing radical as far as how he deals with the players or parents.

He commented that he is very excited to be given the opportunity to be the new head coach.

“I appreciate all of the support that people have given me, and I especially appreciate all of the support Chuck has given me over the years,” Kincaid stated. “I definitely want people to understand that this baseball program has been a strong part of the community and the community has always shown their support of the program. I definitely what to keep the doors open to the community and I want everyone to feel proud of what we do on and off the field throughout the upcoming years.”

His philosophy is to always be straight up with everyone, players and parents, and to be open and respectful but he stressed that he would always do what he feels is best for the Northmont baseball program.


By Ron Nunnari

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