Man shot during home invasion

Englewood Police responded to a home invasion at 4013 Gateway Drive early Tuesday that resulted in a male resident being shot in the head by three unknown suspects.

A Dayton Police K9 unit responded to 4013 Gateway Drive in an attempt to track the suspects.

Police search for evidence at the crime scene.

Sgt. Mike Lang speaks to members of the media across the street from the crime scene.

ENGLEWOOD — Police are investigating a home invasion that took place at 5:15 a.m. Tuesday at 4013 Gateway Drive that resulted in one occupant being shot in the head.

According to Englewood Police Sgt. Mike Lang, the occupants awoke to a banging noise at the rear sliding glass door at approximately 5:15 a.m. and three unknown black males wearing masks entered and fired multiple shots during a robbery attempt.

The male occupant was struck in the head by one of the shots. He and his girlfriend were sleeping just inside the door where the suspects entered. Three children under age 5 were sleeping in another portion of the double.

A Dayton Police K9 unit responded to the scene and tracked the suspects to nearby Sarah Drive where the track was lost. Lang said it is believed the suspects entered a vehicle parked on Sarah and fled the area.

“A neighbor heard the disturbance but didn’t see anything,” Lang said.

The male shooting victim was removed from the scene and was taken to the hospital where he is listed as being in stable condition.

According to Lang the sliding glass door was broken. He said at this point it is hard to speculate why the victims were targeted. He said multiple shots were fired inside the dwelling, but at this point investigators are unsure how many shots were actually fired.

“We will sort through the evidence to try and determine how many shots were fired,” Lang stated.

Evidence technicians will continue to sort through the crime scene.

When asked why the suspects targeted this residence, Lang said it was too early to tell what the suspects were after but said it was an incredibly dangerous situation.

Anyone with any information about this crime should contact Englewood Police at (937) 836-2678.